Financial services

RM-Terex offers flexible funding to enable customers purchase machines on favorable terms. Financial services are rendered jointly with the market-leading lease companies.
Trade in
  • Element Leasing

    Element Leasing

    Element Leasing is one of the market leaders in the small leasing contract segment. Thanks to a wide regional network, the Company offers access to financing in almost any city/town in Russia.

    Terms and benefits

    • Convenient financial services for selling equipment to end customers;
    • Full follow-up support of transactions and interaction with financial institutions;
    • Special business-specific conditions (seasonality, term, form of financing);
    • Participation in tenders and auctions for provision of financial services;
    • Special offers for certain types of equipment;
    • Competitive and flexible leasing terms: prepayment starting from 20%, leasing term up to 60 months;
    • Minimum package of documents;
    • Quick processing – approval for one piece of equipment without credit analysis.
  • Rosagroleasing, JSC

    Rosagroleasing, JSC

    Rosagroleasing, JSC is a leasing company partially owned by the state that was established in 2001 to solve the tasks set by the Government of the Russian Federation on technical and technology modernization of the national agro-industrial sector.

    Terms and benefits

    • The unrivaled remuneration rate under finance lease (leasing) agreements (hereinafter referred to as the Agreements): 3.5% for agricultural machinery and equipment and 1.5% for breeding animals;
    • The terms of the Agreements correspond to the useful lives of leasing items and can amount to 10 years;
    • The provision of such services as delivery of agricultural machinery "to the farm site", franchise insurance, registration, maintenance;
    • Providing additional unique discounts from manufacturers (up to 25%), extended warranty periods (2 years on average), forming field service teams by Rosagroleasing suppliers to repair equipment in the field;
    • Convenient customer relation services: Customer's Personal Account, toll-free consulting by phone.
  • VEB-Leasing, OJSC

    VEB-Leasing, OJSC

    VEB-Leasing, OJSC, the largest leasing company in Russia, has been a member of Vnesheconombank Group since July 2008. VEB-Leasing dominates in the Russian leasing market, both in terms of the new business volume and leas portfolio (according to Expert RA).

    VEB-Leasing contributes massively to the largest Russian state and private companies, as well as representatives of small and medium businesses in financing of acquisition of light and commercial vehicles for business needs. The company is in the TOP 30 European leasing companies in terms of the new business volume.

    Thanks to the agreements reached, VEB-Leasing offers favorable terms for leasing RM-Terex equipment to legal entities.

    Terms and benefits

    • First payment from 5%
    • Leasing period from 12 to 60 months
    • Balance of the lessee or lessor
    • Minimum package of documents;
    • Manager's consultation at the client's premises, assistance in collecting documents;
    • Preliminary decision within 10 minutes.
    • Appreciation from 0%
  • Baltic Leasing, LLC

    Baltic Leasing, LLC

    Baltic Leasing is a multi-faceted leasing company that has been successfully operating in the Russian market since 1990. The company offers a wide range of leasing services for motor vehicles, equipment and special-purpose vehicles. The regional network of the company comprises over 69 branches in all federal districts of the Russian Federation. Having earned confidence of numerous clients who have duly appreciated the company's competence and performance quality, Baltic Leasing has held a strong position in the Russian market. The company is in the TOP 10 largest Russian leasing companies (Expert RA).

    Terms and benefits

    • minimum advance payment from 5%;

    • мmaximum leasing period up to 36 months;

    • maximum cost of a piece of equipment is 16 million rubles;

    • preliminary decision on financing on the day of application;

    • early redemption from the first month of the lease agreement;

    • minimum package of documents for review.

  • VTB Leasing, JSC

    VTB Leasing, JSC

    VTB Leasing, JSC is one of the three largest leasing companies in Russia that dominates in the segment of leasing motor vehicles, light commercial, cargo and passenger vehicles, special-purpose machinery and self-propelled vehicles. Reliability and business solvency is guaranteed by the main founder – VTB Bank (PJSC).

    VTB Leasing leases RM-Terex road construction machinery to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs on favorable long-term lease conditions with the subsequent purchase option.

    Terms and benefits

    • Minimum prepayment from 20%. Reduced initial costs for on-lease purchase of special-purpose machinery.
    • Leasing period up to 60 months. Start earning now; use the machines with small monthly expenses.

Official trade-in

RM-Terex Trade-In enables to update the park while preserving working capital. The service is available for customers purchasing RM-Terex machines at official dealerships. Provided jointly with Element Leasing:

Three steps to get brilliant service


Find an official dealership

Check the list of vehicles available and prepare required documents to conclude a contract. Also, machine diagnostics can be conducted there.

find dealer

Sell used machines

Conclude a used-machine purchase-and-sale contract. Payment methods supported: transfer to account or trade-in for lease advance payment.


Buy a new RM-Terex vehicle

Conclude a purchase-and-sale contract. Payment methods supported: paying the remaining price, trade-in lease.



Waste no time on searching for a buyer and showing.


Waste no time on waiting for selling. Immediately engage a new machine.


No need to allocate working-capital funds to pay an advance.

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