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Spare parts

Original spare parts are the key to the safe operation of Your construction equipment 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They can only be made in the factory, in strict compliance with the requirements of the process.
Buy original spare parts for RM - Terex products You can contact our regional dealers.

To get a free consultation on the applicability of spare parts, their interchangeability and usage You can contact specialists of the Department of spare parts sales and after-sales service by phone + 7 (495) 728-49-55 or by e-mail: 
Spare parts for construction equipment
As part of the identification of original spare parts and excluding sale of counterfeit spare parts, components and assemblies under the guise of the original RM - Terex, spare parts are marked in a special way.

The identification label is self-adhesive security label, intended for use on spare parts and units. The main feature of identification label is that it is disposable and when removed it left some destruction (small pieces).

Percussion-point marking is used on spare parts for construction equipment manufactured by CJSC "Tverskoy Excavator", CJSC "Zavolzhsky Crewler Vehicle Plant", CJSC "Chelyabinsk Road Construction Machines".

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