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RM-Terex offers its customers a new service "Trade-In" that allows you to update your used equipment and preserve working capital.

Trade-In is available with the purchase of RM-Terex Dealers.

The scheme of service is simple:

  • You take Your existing equipment*
  • You choose to  pay the difference in cash or the cost of the returned equipment shall be credited to the account of advance payment under the leasing
  • You get new RM-Terex equipment.

It is convenient because You don't have to spend Your time on finding a buyer for Your existing equipment, do showcases and transaction processing.
It is fast because You don't have to wait for sales of Your equipment before you start making money with the new technology RM-Terex.
It is beneficial because You don't have to divert funds for a down payment on the lease.

To get a full free consultation on Trade-In service You can contact our Dealers

The service is provided jointly with OOO "Element Leasing"

* - list of accepted equipment is available from the Dealer.

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