Zavolzhsky Crawler Vehicle Plant

One of Russia’s greatest
off-road machine manufacturers

For more than 50 years, Zavolzhsky plant has been specializing in producing crawlers and has manufactured more than 75,000 road-free machines.

Recent accomplishments regard development and commercialization of the single-unit ATV GAZ-34039 Irbis, two-unit amphibious AATVs GAZ-3344 and GAZ-3351 with rubber track shoes.

Geophysical, oil-and-gas, and energy enterprises have started developing rapidly in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, Republic of Sakha — for the purposes of exploring the North, remote Siberia and Far East regions. These regions have always been characterized by severe climatic conditions and lack of roadways. Operation in mountain, marshy, snowy, and sandy areas required amphibious ATVs. Meantime, the first crawler GAZ-71 GT-SM was designed, which brought the plant team their first accomplishment in new production chain. From this point on, new technology lines of certain areas and shops were commissioned, and equipment implemented.

A conveyor line, welding-and-painting complex, and body unit blanking plant were launched. Track wheel, lever, torsion bar, non-ferrous casting, and other lines were introduced. Assembly of main and final drives, bilge pumps, and fan drive was implemented.

In 2013, the plant became an award winner and got gold medal “Quality and Safety Assurance” in the category “Credit and Trust” of the international competition “National Safety”, for supplying reliable advanced all-terrain vehicles.


thousands of vehicles

The plant produces 4 key basic models and more than 50 design versions of amphibious ATVs. Innovative, lightweight, and all-weather track AATVs have shown their great performance in various regions of Russia — from Kaliningrad to Sakhalin, as well as in many of CIS and non-CIS states. The enterprise manufactures vehicles to be used in forestry, geologic exploration, geophysics, oil-and-gas industry, and also in energy and construction industry.

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