Bryanskiy Arsenal

Russia’s one-of-a-kind
plant that has formed the full
motor grader model line.

Plant evolvement is indissolubly related to production of new-generation TG-series motor graders. To enhance reliability, performance, and convenience of products, company’s engineering services have laid down new manufacturing cycle regulations — this gave the enterprise a task of a total overhaul.

With support of the industry-leading engineering companies and equipment suppliers, the new technologically-advanced and highly-automated production complex was commissioned in 2013. An assembly conveyor line was deployed, the new painting-drying unit was implemented that enabled the two-component coating.

The enterprise’s advanced plant comprises blank-production, assembly-and-welding, machining, painting, and assembly shops. The process involves innovative laser-cutting units, plasma-arc and heat cutting, turn-over devices, vertical and horizontal machining units, CNC lathe machines, automated machines for motor grader ring and turning-circle welding. This approach secures accuracy and quality of the output.

The overhead conveyor was upgraded to enhance capacity of the painting-and-drying unit. Logistic flows within shops were enhanced by virtue of reorganizing the warehouse complex.

By enriching and diversifying the product line, the company has significantly expanded the sales area.


thousands of vehicles

Today, the plant’s essential focus is production of the full motor grade model line. These vehicles are highly and stably demanded in Russia, having a promising export potential. Over the last few years, TG- series motor graders are distributed to Middle East, Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Africa.

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