Tverskoy Excavator marked its 75th anniversary

05 October 2018

Tver, October 5, 2018 — Tverskoy Excavator, part of RM-Terex and one of the leading machine-building plants in Russia, celebrated its 75th anniversary.

Tverskoy Excavator, part of RM-Terex and one of the leading machine-building plants in Russia, has embarked on full-scale manufacturing of new generation machines — medium and heavy TX crawler excavators and WX wheel excavators. The plant has successful experience in localization of the most commonly used road construction machines — backhoe loaders. The plant has recently revamped and upgraded fundamentally its production facilities; it has adopted a modern-day production system meeting international standards. Today, Tverskoy Excavator ranks among the leading Russian machine-builders successfully implementing the national program for import substitution and improving the ability to compete in a globalizing marketplace. As of today, the estimated annual output totals 3,000 machines.

Tverskoy Excavator is a standard-bearer in road construction equipment and machinery building in Russia. The plant was the first in Russia to design and mass produce wheel excavators. In the early 1970s, the plant pioneered manufacturing of hydraulic excavators. At present, Tverskoy Excavator is focusing on product innovation, expanding the product line, improving production methods and tapping into new markets.

The products manufactured by Tverskoy Excavator have a “Made in Russia” status, thus being qualified for government support when selling both on domestic and export market.

Tver Region Governor Igor Rudenya:
Over the past years Tverskoy Excavator has grown into a major machine-builder in the Tver Region and Russia. The plant is successfully adopting cutting-edge technologies, implementing the latest management and professional development programs. I want to say thank you to the former and current workers for their contribution to the industry growth in the Tver Region. I am sure that new accomplishments and successful products are awaiting you.

Kirill Epshtein, General Director of RM-Terex:
At present Tverskoy Excavator is focusing on developing a new generation of road construction equipment. Heavy crawler excavators put into production a year ago are the best example. Great opportunities are still ahead; we are developing new models, improving the technologies and tapping into new market segments.

Andrey Kudryashov, Managing Director of Tverskoy Excavator: 
We value the contribution of the previous generations of Tver machine builders and we are adding to it. We take pride in our seasoned professionals and young high-potential employees working at our plant.

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