The world premiere of RM-Terex's new generation of motor graders took place at the international BAUMA 2013 exhibition

15 April 2013
Today at BAUMA 2013, a leading international exhibition of construction equipment and technology, held from April 15-21 in Munich (Germany), the world premiere of RM-Terex's new generation of Terex TG 180 motor graders took place. A total of $1.3 million was invested in the creation of this new product, which is scheduled to go into mass production in the second half of 2013. This equipment is intended primarily for the export market.
This motor grader, designed to construct and maintain roads, was created to match the quality of the best equipment of this type created anywhere in the world. One of its biggest advantages is its totally new cabin. The operator's ergonomically designed work station offers ample visibility and comfort, and includes a control system with an adjustable steering column, an information display, a climate-control system, and a comfortable seat. The adjustable steering column can be used to operate the grader from either a sitting or standing position. TG-series motor graders have a specially designed bonnet system and use a modern layout to improve the system of access to the components and assemblies. Motor graders can be equipped with Deutz or Cummins engines, which can significantly reduce maintenance costs. The machinery is equipped with a ZF hydromechanical automatic transmission and an NAF tandem bogie axle.
These new grader models are developed and manufactured at the Bryanskiy Arsenal plant in cooperation with technical experts from the TEREX Corporation. The company has experienced major transformations in the way it organizes production: the production facilities have been restructured, the assembly stations have been modernized, the old equipment and technology have been replaced with new, and the manufacturing procedures continue to be optimized with the goal of improving the quality of the product and raising labor productivity. Working at maximum capacity, the production line can manufacture 1,000 TG-series motor graders per year.
Alexander Filatov, the general director of RM-Terex, "We are proud of our new product, which is a wonderful example of what the synergy inherent to the RM-Terex joint venture can produce. We are confident that Terex motor graders will be a unique value proposition for our customers all over the world. In accordance with our development strategy, we plan to offer the market an expanded product portfolio by 2014, which reflects a new approach to developing construction equipment - a carefully chosen mix of the world's best technology as well as optimized local technical approaches."
Background information:

The Terex Corporation will present a wide range of products and services at BAUMA 2013 from all five of Terex's business divisions, demonstrating the company's new equipment, innovative safety features, and unique service solutions that are designed to keep customers' equipment in good working condition so it can be effectively operated while also reducing the cost of ownership and increasing profitability. All of Terex's equipment is customer-oriented and aims to create integrated solutions for construction, infrastructure, quarrying, mining, shipping, transportation, refining of petroleum products, energy, utilities, and manufacturing. In addition, the newest business division, Terex Material Handling and Port Solutions (MHPS), will be presented during the exhibition, which offers equipment for loading and unloading materials as well as solutions for ports. 

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