The Tverskoy Excavator plant received a visit from the minister of industry and information technology for the Tver region

15 July 2013
Evgeny Vozhakin, the minister of industry and information technology for the Tver region, visited the Tverskoy Excavator plant on July 12. During his visit, he held a working meeting with Alexander Filatov, the general director of RM-Terex, and Vladimir Chekalin, the head of the company.
During the visit, it was agreed to establish a working group to create regulations for establishing an industrial park for construction and road machinery within the Tverskoy Excavator plant. The main objective of the industrial park, according to the developers of the project, will be to increase innovation in the region's road and construction industry, to create new channels for transferring advanced technology, and to use tools more efficiently to support innovative businesses.
The topics of increasing investment attractiveness and creating favorable conditions for business development were also discussed in the meeting. During a visit to the factory's assembly line, Evgeny Vozhakin noted the positive trend in the business's development.

RM-Terex is currently conducting a large-scale renovation of its facilities, updating its painting lines, which will allow its manufacturing system to create higher quality products, by using new, modern materials and equipment. For example, in May 2013, a painting and drying complex began its work at the Tverskoy Excavator plant to paint all of the equipment being manufactured using two-component colors. 

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