The new Terex TLB990 backhoe loader: versatility in motion

19 November 2013
On Nov. 14, Coventry (UK) was the site of the world premiere of the new TEREX TLB990 versatile backhoe loader. Attending the event were representatives from the dealerships that sell RM-Terex's equipment.
The new TEREX TLB990 model offers more power, greater versatility, and impressive performance. The machinery is equipped with an efficient, 100-horsepower Perkins engine that is economical to operate. A four-speed synchromesh gearbox with a servomechanism ensures smooth shifting and controls the direction of travel. This system improves traction and reduces loss of power in the transmission by 9%.
The TLB990 uses the industry's leading system of four-wheel control, allowing a turning radius of only 7.3 meters. Its ability to simultaneously rotate all the wheels on one side allows the TLB990 to operate in confined areas and reduces the need for additional equipment.
The TLB990 backhoe loader is based on an updated chassis design that is extremely safe, reliable, and rugged. The cast hard nose counterweight ensures the optimal distribution of weight, as well as complete protection of all components. The dual lock pin secures the excavating equipment during transport.
The TLB990 is equipped with an additional 7-in-1 front bucket, which provides powerful breakout force and exceptional climbing capacity - as high as 3.67 meters - making it possible to load high-sided trucks. The front bucket has a maximum capacity of 1.2 cubic meters.
Operators find the cabin to be very convenient, functional, and comfortable. An array of practical, handy features ensures the highest standard of ergonomic comfort. Thanks to expanded floor space, the seat in the TLB990 swivels easily and the operator can smoothly move between using the loading and the excavating equipment.
The maintenance of the excavator has also been greatly simplified. The front hood opens fully for quick service access, making daily maintenance easier and faster.
When the presentation ended, everyone who wished was offered the opportunity to try out the machinery that had been demonstrated. 

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