TEREX® machines get smarter

15 April 2013

At Bauma 2013, the German-manufactured Terex® compact machines were exhibited for the first time with Tier 4i/ EU Stage IIIB compliant engines. The new engines provide more power compared to their predecessors, with the TL120 wheel loader increasing in power by approximately 16% and the TW85 wheeled excavator increasing by approximately 11%. In addition to the engine changes, the TW and TL range of Terex machines have also benefited from many updates, such as the unique Terex Smart Control system, which increases productivity and aids operator comfort through its ergonomic design and the real-time data it supplies.

Terex Smart Control is an intelligent new operating system introduced on Terex wheel loaders and also Terex excavators above 8 tonnes (with the TW70 and TW75 to follow in 2014). When designing the new system, Terex carefully considered operator comfort, resulting in the introduction of a central control unit that makes it easier to adjust the machine to suit particular applications and operators.  A new menu guide - which has the appearance of current smart phones - makes it simple to navigate around the options and information available, while the 3.5” display screen means it is easier to read machine and engine data at a glance.
Driving mechanisms on the TL120, such as the steering wheel and joystick were also addressed in terms of comfort. The steering wheel now comes with an easy-to-grip knob and soft-touch surface for improved grip, and the multi-function joystick has new additional functions such as a 4-point Electro proportional control circuit (which was previously a separate control and is now integrated into the joystick for convenience) and slow/fast key for simpler operation. The key pad has extra-large keys for convenient operation and all switches are protected against dust and water. At bauma, the Terex Smart Control system could be seen on the TL120 and TW85 machines displayed on the Terex booth.
The TL120 wheel loader has seen a number of other new changes, including a new narrower front end which allows a clearer view of attachments and loading resulting in more precise movements and increased productivity. A new temperature-controlled hydraulically-operated fan starts automatically, when required, reducing noise pollution and preserving the life of the cooling system. A reverse function is available for machines working in dusty environments. As a result of this, along with the new engine and insulation of the cab, noise inside the cab has been reduced from LPA76 dB(A) to LPA71 dB(A) making it a more comfortable environment for the operator.
Popular features, which are unique to Terex wheel loaders, still remain on the TL120, such as parallel kinematics for powerful and precise movement over the entire lifting range and the articulated steering with oscillating rear axle which gives exceptional maneuverability and allows the driver to sit parallel to the load at all times.

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