TEREX® FUCHS MHL350 E HYBRID: sets the pace for material handlers

12 April 2013

Bauma, Munich, Germany, 15th April 2013 – Terex is staging the world premiere of an innovative hybrid version of its ‘Blue Evolution’ material handler at Bauma 2013 on stand F7, 710/711.

The Terex® Fuchs MHL350 E hybrid material handler is more environmentally friendly and can be up to 30% more fuel efficient than the conventional version of the 33 – 37.8 tonne machine. At the heart of this hybrid machine is a Deutz diesel engine that uses an integrated motor generator (IMG) in place of the traditional flywheel.  This allows the engine to provide the MHL350 E hybrid with 160 kW of power, while the IMG generates electricity whenever the engine is running.
In place of the traditional hydraulic slewing system, the hybrid version uses an electric motor to turn the machine’s upper structure. This new electric drive provides a slew speed of 7rpm and higher slew torque than the standard machine without using hydraulic flow, which means the hybrid can have faster simultaneous movement of the boom/dipper and upper structure.  The slew motor is powered by capacitors which are charged by the IMG and the slewing motor via recuperation. 
When the operator releases the lever to stop the upper structure from rotating, the electric motor immediately turns into a generator to act as a brake on the slewing motion. The energy produced during this braking phase is used to recharge the capacitors, which reduces fuel consumption and emissions.
When the machine is working at full capacity, the IMG can also act as a motor and add up to 30kW of power (taking the maximum power to 190kW) for up to 30 seconds to further improve the performance and productivity of the MHL350 E. Further fuel savings are realised by fitting the hybrid with an Auto Shutdown function that automatically switches the engine off if the machine is idling. The IMG is then used to instantly restart the engine – far faster than is possible with a traditional starter motor.
Christian Engelhardt, Head of Engineering of Terex Fuchs material handlers, explains the value of hybrid technology to customers. “Hybrid versions will cost more but will repay that premium many times over during their working life.”
Both conventional and hybrid versions of the MHL350 E benefit from a new hydraulic system which has a flow rate of 330 lit/min to increase boom and dipper speeds and reduce cycle times. However, while the MHL350 E hybrid version has the same 16m maximum reach as the conventional machine, without the need to drive the hydraulic slew motor, the hybrid is quicker at compound slewing and boom operations.
Both versions of the MHL350 E benefit from a new separated and more powerful cooling system which enables the machines to work in higher ambient temperatures and keeps them cool when operating in applications that generate high amounts of debris, such as in recycling operations. The noise level in the cab has been reduced while the new high resolution display shows bright colors even in sunny conditions and provides an array of information for the operator. The display also doubles as the monitor for the standard fit rear view camera. 

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