RM-Terex equipment took part in the annual 360 Environmental Campaign

11 September 2018

— Moscow, September 11, 2018. RM-Terex’s TLB 825 backhoe loaders took part in the annual 360 Environmental Campaign on Lake Baikal. By tradition, RM-Terex and the Karyernye Mashiny (Mining Machines) dealership center supported the campaign participants by providing several special-purpose vehicles.

RM-Terex and the Karyernye Mashiny dealership center provided two TLB 825 backhoe loaders for the 360 environmental cleanup. The model was chosen due to its versatility. Clearing the Baikal shore line includes many tasks ranging from loading and removal of garbage to soil excavation and leveling. The TLB 825 backhoe loader is highly maneuverable; it has fast travel speed and load height over three meters. It can efficiently perform a variety of tasks.

This year the main field of operations for TLB 825 backhoe loaders was in the vicinity of Tankhoy in the Republic of Buryatia. With their help volunteers were able to collect and remove more than 25 cubic meters of garbage and household waste from the lake-shore territory.

Polina Pestrikova, Director of Karyernye Mashiny, LLC:
“We see the participation in the environmental cleanup on Baikal as an opportunity to make our contribution to preservation of the unique ecosystem of the lake. The difficult-to-access worksite, specific terrain, and challenging climatic conditions are just routine operation factors, insignificant for multi-purpose machines.”

The Project 360 is a sequel to the All-Russian En+ Group Volunteer Eco-Marathon — 360 Minutes, which, in its turn, promotes the 360 Minutes for Baikal Campaign. Nearly 144,000 people became environmental volunteers during the project implementation (2011–2018). They helped to remove and dispose around 4,500 tons of garbage in different regions of Russia. Dozens of conservation areas were cleaned up, unauthorized dump sites were removed, ecological trails were laid out, bird banding stations were built.

In Takhoy (Republic of Buryatia), where the Baikal Nature Reserve is located, volunteers collected garbage totaling 271 trash bags and two fully loaded garbage trucks. The Reserve administration notes that since the beginning of the En+ Group Campaign (since 2011) the amount of garbage on the shores has been decreasing.

About RM-Terex

RM-Terex is one of the leading Russian machine-building companies. It specializes in manufacturing road construction equipment. It comprises four machine-building plants: Tverskoy Excavator, Bryanskiy Arsenal, Chelyabinsk Road Construction Machines, and Zavolzhsky Crawler Vehicle Plant. The company manufactures specialized road construction machines, including backhoe loaders, wheel and crawler excavators, motor graders, and amphibious all-terrain vehicles as well as front loaders, forklifts and industrial handlers. 

The production complexes and engineering centers are located in Tver, Trans-Volga Region, Chelyabinsk, and Bryansk. Sales of the entire lineup of machines and equipment, technical support including warranty and maintenance services as well as spare parts procurement are offered through 78 dealership centers in Russia and CIS countries. All products have the official “Made in Russia” status.

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