Russian Machines and Terex Corporation presented a new joint brand and construction equipment s at the CTT-2012 Show

29 May 2012

At the CTT-2012 Show, held from May 29, 2012 to June 2, 2012 in Moscow, Russian Machines and Terex corporation for the first time presented a new RM-Terex brand and first joint products - TLB 815-RM backhoe loader, TG 140 motor grader, ZZ-3 tracked vehicle.
Also during the exhibition on RM-Terex mount, more than 20 models of road-construction and special equipment, produced by TEREX, TVEX, Bryansk Arsenal, ChSDM, and ZZGT will be presented.
RM-Terex was established in May 2012 in accordance with previously signed agreement for creating joint venture, producing road-construction equipment in Russia between Russian Machines and Terex Corporation. This business-project is aimed at production of road-construction equipment on high level of technology and at a reasonable price, broadening of geographic coverage and product offers for the clients. Under the terms of partner strategy, RM Terex will perform production and sales of localized TEREX Production in Russia and sales of construction equipment, produced abroad by TEREX Corporation. Official opening of the first TEREX backhoe loader assembly construction was held on May 22 at Tver Excavator plant.
Joint venture products: TLB 815-RM backhoe-loader - this is the first localized product of TEREX corporation in Russia. Multi-purpose high performance TLB 815-RM machine is capable of performing various works in different construction and communal services quickly and in a quality manner. Main competitive advantages of this equipment are price, good performance characteristics, good aggregate composition, excellent specifications of excavator and loading equipment, comfortable and safe operator's cab.
TG 140 motor grader is a model of new generation of motor graders, which was designed at Bryansk Arsenal plant in collaboration with TEREX corporation technical experts. TG 140 motor grader is implemented at the level of world’s leading standards and is designed for conversion of large amounts of earthworks and grading operations, for road construction and maintenance works. A brand new cab construction was engineered specially for the motor grader alongside with a new cowling system. New layout solutions are introduced for improved access to assembly units and aggregates. The motor grader is equipped with DEUTZ engine, allowing to considerably increase machine performance and reduce its servicing costs. The machines are equipped with ZF hydromechanical transmission and NAF tandem bogey.
ZZ-3 tracked vehicle is a modernized model with improved consumer properties. The tracked vehicle is designed for operation in extremely heavy road and climatic conditions for transporting humans and loads outside of general use roads in cross-country terrain, for trailer towage during exploring works, during construction and maintenance of oil-and-gas pipelines, electric power lines, cargo delivery to remote areas and other transport needs.
TEREX equipment: TA300 articulated dump truck of 9th generation - equipment of new generation. The machine is equipped with powerful SCANIA engine, mountain brake, fully independent front suspension, automatic gearbox with integrated retarder, allowing to shift gears smoothly, fully shielded disc mechanisms, reliable front and rear frames, vessel of increased capacity, spacious and comfortable cab, efficient cooling system. Also the exhibited equipment will include Genie® Z™ -60 articulated boom lift and Genie® S™ -45 rough terrain scissor lift, Genie® GTH™ -3007 telescopic lift, TLB-840 telehandler, BHL-970 Elite telehandler, TL-100 compact wheeled loader, TC-25 mini-excavator and PT-100 compact tracked loader. Flat Top CТТ-181-4 2в tower crane with improved operational characteristics. High-performance Terex Finlay С-1540 cone crusher.
TVEX, Bryansk Arsenal, ChSDM, ZZGT equipment: new GS-25.12 quarry motor grader produced by Bryansk Arsenal - a more powerful machine comparing to the previous one, with improved consumer properties. The machine is equipped with disconnectable hydrostatic drive axle, made with Bosh-Rexroth, usage of which allows to increase performance of the motor grader, improve tractive characteristics and broaden the application range of the equipment. Now the machine is able to operate with soils of 4th density category and fulfill the necessary amount of work two times faster. New motor grader is equipped with YaMZ 235 h.p. engine hydromechanical transmission with automatic ZF gearbox and NAF tandem bogey. Observability in the cab is increased due to interior modification and configuration changes. Also, air conditioner is installed, creating safer and more comfortable working conditions for the operator.
Modernized EK-18-51 material handler, produced by Tver Excavator, used for loading scrap metal and other granulated and non-granulated materials. The material handler is improved according to the needs of clients and adapted to the needs of recycling industry. One of the main differences of the machine compared to the basic model is its improved performance, provided by new Bosh-Rexroth hydraulic system. Parker filter with 10-micron filtration is installed on the outlet of hydraulic tank, which increases reliability of hydraulic equipment operation. For better positioning of the material handler on convertible supports, turning feet are used, and to prevent plunger damage, protective shields are placed on the outriggers of hydraulic cylinders. Grappler rotator control is shifted from pedals to joystick buttons. For connecting grappler mainlines, the working tool pipeline is equipped with quick-connecting ports. For effective operation with magnetic plate, the machine is equipped with SGF generator with enforced sleeve and a more reliable drive system than the previous one.
Also, ET-18.90 tracked excavator and ET-14.90 wheeled excavator and VP-05 forklift truck will be presented, which are produced by Tver Excavator; V 130 front loader, produced by ChSDM; GAZ 3351 two-segment tracked vehicle produced by ZZGT.

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