RMT Delivered First Motor Graders to the Philippines

11 April 2017

Moscow, April 11, 2017 – RM-Terex started shipments of TG motor graders to the Philippines.

RMT has tapped into the market of South-East Asia and shipped the first two TG motor graders to one of the central provinces of the Philippines.
TG motor graders were tailored to operate in the hot wet climate. The vehicles provide exceptional versatility, and are ready to perform in road-building or utilities’ operations. The design of the motor graders suits application in confined spaces. Special-purpose attachment – ripper/scarifier made by RMT which allows for hoeing the soil before grading & leveling operations by the blade.
RMT Technical Service Team gave training to the Philippine customers on service maintenance and preparation for operations.
In Russia RMT is the leader of the motor grader market, and makes roughly 80% of the total volume.

Christian Kremer, CEO of RM-Terex, LLC:
- Delivery of the motor graders to the Philippines is a milestone event for RMT. In future we are going to boost our activity on the markets of Southeast Asia. RMT motor graders and excavators have already established themselves on construction sites and production facilities of Latin America and Africa. The tests showed that the vehicles can operate even at +50 °С in operator-friendly regime with no time restrictions.


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