RM-Terex will present its newest examples of specialized equipment at the Construction Equipment and Technology 2013 exhibition.

03 June 2013

At the international Construction Equipment and Technology exhibit, which will run from June 4-8 in Moscow, RM-Terex will present 25 pieces of specialized equipment, including the company's latest innovations - the series of TG 180 and TG 250 motor graders and the new TVEX series of excavators. The Terex TSR and TSV series skid steer loaders and Terex Toplift series mobile cranes will be demonstrated for the first time in Russia.

RM-Terex's stand (at outdoor site E-4) will present a wide range of road-construction equipment, including the company's latest innovations, as well as some of its tried-and-true machinery that has proven to be very productive and reliable at construction sites all over the world.
The Terex TSR and TSV series skid steer loaders are notable for their versatility and compact size, excellent maneuverability, and high productivity in many areas of application. The safety of the cabin makes it possible for the operator to work comfortably under the toughest conditions.
The Toplift 055 G mobile crane is versatile, effective, and specially adapted for the Russian market. This crane is designed to lift and transport particularly heavy loads and is equipped with a five-section, 57-meter telescoping boom made of high-strength steel. The reliable hydraulic system ensures the smooth, rapid extension of the boom. The design of the spacious, comfortable cabin with panoramic windows was developed by specialists from Porsche.
The Terex series TG motor graders are a joint production of design engineers from the Bryansk Arsenal plant and technical experts from the TEREX Corporation. The Terex TG 180 and TG 250 motor graders, designed to handle large-scale excavation and grading work when constructing and maintaining roads, were created to match the quality of the best equipment of this type created anywhere in the world. TG series graders have a specially developed, totally new design for the cabin and cowling system and use a modern layout to improve the system of access to the components and assemblies.
The new excavators in the TVEX series are versatile machines that are indispensable when constructing and operating roads, civil and industrial facilities, municipal and utility services, and working in many other industries. The excavators feature a new cabin design that includes ergonomic updates and incorporates the most recent technical approaches and global trends.
The TLB 825 backhoe loader represents a new stage in the manufacture of localized Terex products in Russia. TLB 825 backhoe loaders are multi-purpose, high-performance machinery that can quickly and easily do many different types of work in various industries. The equipment's primary competitive advantages are its price, superior ride, reliable modular makeup, the excellent parameters of the excavating and loading machinery, and the comfortable and safe cabin for the operator.
The GAZ 3409 (ZZ-3) tracked, all-terrain vehicle for use in snow and swamps is an updated model that is more attractive to consumers. These all-terrain vehicles were designed for the off-road transportation of people and cargo under extreme road and weather conditions over rough terrain, as well as hauling trailers when doing survey work, constructing and servicing oil and gas pipelines and power lines, delivering cargo to remote areas, and for other transportation needs. The vehicle has already been certified for the UK market as well as for the countries of the European Union.
RM-Terex will also present a wide range of Terex equipment at the exhibition: Genie lifting equipment, TLB 840 and TLB 890 backhoe loaders, the TA300 articulated dump truck, the TL-100 compact front-end loader, TS-35 mini excavator, and Comedil CTT191 tower crane.

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