RM-Terex to Unveil New Excavators at the International Exhibition CTT-2014

30 May 2014
As part of International Construction Equipment and Technologies 2014 trade show held June 3rd – 7th, 2014 in Moscow, RM-Terex will unveil the new generation of TEREX excavators and showcase a record number of construction equipment. The exhibit will also display a new lineup of TG motor graders and TLB backhoe loaders.
The new generation of Terex excavators – TEREX WX 200 wheel excavator and TEREX TX 210 LC crawler – has been ultimately adapted to Russian operating conditions. Fuel-efficient Tier 3 engines combined with Bosch-Rexroth hydraulics result in 20% higher performance capabilities. The excavators feature the all-new cab designed together with Fritzmeier company, hood system and improved configuration of components allowing easier access. The machines will add to the existing lineup of excavators offered by the manufacturer.
The attendees will also see a new lineup of TG motor graders produced at the recently launched facility at Bryanskiy Arsenal created jointly with leading engineering firms and equipment suppliers. RM-Terex is the only Russian manufacturer bringing a complete range of motor graders into the market. Every other machine operating in Russia has been built at our facilities.
The major part of the company’s exhibition space will be given to the most popular type of construction equipment – TEREX backhoe loaders. RM-Terex will debut TLB 990 offering increased versatility and productivity to get many utility and construction jobs done quickly and with high level of quality. Maneuverability, reliability, off-road capabilities, and impressive hydraulics performance allow the machine to deliver truly remarkable efficiency.
Another highlight of RM-Terex exhibit will be GAZ 34039 IRBIS amphibious all-terrain tracked vehicle specially designed for transportation of people and cargo in the toughest road and weather conditions. Combination of a passenger compartment and cargo space adds to the product versatility. The machine features a closed cargo area enabling transportation of items, installation of equipment and repairs as well as a comfortable passenger compartment accommodating up to 3 crew members.
The company will also display a new family of YaMZ 530 engines which will power RM-Terex excavators and motor graders starting from 2015. YaMZ 530 lineup blends cutting-edge engineering solutions on a par with those offered by the world-leading peers and YaMZ best traditions – fuel efficiency, reliability and ease of maintenance. The engines will help to improve RM-Terex equipment performance and reduce servicing costs.

The attendees will also see TLB 825,  TLB 840, TLB 890, and TLB 940 backhoe loaders, TSV-50, TSV-70, and TSR-50 skid steer loaders, TC 35 mini-excavator, TL 210 and TL 80 wheel loaders, ТА 300 articulated dump truck, TVEX 180I material handler, CTT 161/B 1-8  tower crane and Genie aerial work platforms – S 65, GS 3390, Z-51, TZ 50. 

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