RM-Terex to present its specialized equipment at the MiningWorld Russia 2013 exhibit

15 May 2013
From May 14 to 16, RM-Terex will take part in the annual international exhibition MiningWorld Russia - Mining Equipment and the Mining and Processing of Ores and Minerals, which will be held at the Crocus Expo international exhibition center (Moscow). RM-Terex will present its Terex TG 180 motor grader and ninth-generation TA 300R articulated dump truck at this exhibition, which will show the latest technology for the coal and mining industries.
The public got its first introduction to the Terex TG 180 motor grader at Bauma 2013 in Munich, where it was the subject of great interest. A contract has already been finalized to supply more than 100 of the units to South Africa. The Terex TG 180 motor grader, designed to construct and maintain roads, was created to match the quality of the best equipment of this type created anywhere in the world. One of its biggest advantages is its totally new cabin. The operator's ergonomically designed work station offers ample visibility and comfort, and includes a control system with a convertible steering column, an information display, a climate-control system, and a comfortable chair. The convertible steering column can be used to operate the grader from either a sitting or standing position. TG-series motor graders have a specially designed cowling system and use a modern layout to improve the system of access to the components and assemblies. These new grader models are developed and manufactured at the Bryansk Arsenal plant in cooperation with technical experts from the TEREX Corporation.

The Terex TA 300R articulated dump truck is a high-capacity piece of equipment equipped with a powerful SCANIA engine that is one of the most productive in its class. The chassis is made of high-strength steel with a box-section design, to provide structural rigidity and a long service life. The transmission and exhaust brakes ensure an exceptional level of safety, superb handling, and make it possible to increase the average operating speed and lifespan of the service brakes. The body of the TA 300R is designed to transport large amounts of varied cargo - from overburden to iron ore. The long bed at the back of the body is tipped at a 15° angle, providing a secure hold on the cargo, plus controlled unloading into hoppers or crushers. The spacious, ergonomic cabin was designed to be comfortable, safe, and productive. This dump truck's power, performance, and reliability have been proven through rigorous tests conducted under extreme conditions. 

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