RM-Terex Teaches Production System to Students

05 March 2015
March 5, 2015, Tver – RM-Terex (part of Russian Machines Corporation managing the machine building assets of Basic Element Group of Companies) offered manufacturing internships at Tverskoy Excavator, CJSC for the Tver Machine-Building Community College students. The students were trained in terms of Production System implementation and functioning.
RM-Terex offered manufacturing internships to the students of Tver Machine-Building Community College. The students learned the PS implementation and functioning basics and had the opportunity to put theoretical knowledge – PS philosophy, waste types, standardized works, and 5S system – immediately into practice. Future specialists took part in the welding workplace organization process in the assembly area being part of preparation for the launch of new generation WX/TX excavators. After the two-week internship, the students received certificates from the factory.
Vladimir Chekalin, Managing Director, Tverskoy Excavator, CJSC:
- Today, the machine-building industry faces a severe shortage of well-qualified manpower, and we, as a manufacturer, want the future specialists to be guided by high production organization standards and understand the Production System basics. This knowledge will later help them to effectively engage into the processes at the state-of-the art machine-building facilities.

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