RM-Terex showcased its equipment at the specialized exhibition in Surgut

26 September 2018

— September 26, 2018, Surgut. RM-Terex took part in the Surgut Oil and Gas 2018 Exhibition, showcasing its novelty product — a heavy TX 300 crawler excavator and Russia’s most popular DZ-98 motor grader. Both machines have gained steady popularity in the oil and gas industry.

The TX 300 is the most common heavy crawler excavator used in the oil and gas industry. The machine is designed for operation on rocky and frozen soils Category IV) at temperatures reaching −40°C. The full-scale production of the TX 300 started in October 2017.

The 6.5 meter boom provides the best performance in digging depth and reach — 7.6 m and 12.3 m respectively. The basic model is upgraded with a variety of advanced features. In addition to A/C, standard for the crawler excavator family, the TX 300 is equipped with a rearview camera, a fuel injection pump and a smart boom option making it possible to automate part of the work processes, to save fuel and reduce the overall load on the operator.

The DZ-98 is given pride of place in the motor grader lineup offered by the Chelyabinsk Road Construction Machines (part of RM-Terex). In its present-day modification, the DZ-98 offers essential benefits. The combination of the front drive axle and one-of-a-kind front frame provides excellent traction. With its well-deserved reputation and ability to withstand severe weather conditions, the machine has become an invaluable tool for mining operators.

Vladimir Itskov, Sales Director of RM-Terex:
“The showcased equipment is able to reach maximum efficiency in a wide range of mining tasks of any level.”

About RM-Terex
RM-Terex comprises large Russian machine-building plants: Tverskoy Excavator, Bryanskiy Arsenal, Chelyabinsk Road Construction Machines, and Zavolzhsky Crawler Vehicle Plant. The main products are: backhoe loaders, wheel and crawler excavators, motor graders, and amphibious all-terrain vehicles. The product line also includes front loaders, forklifts and industrial handlers. 

The production complexes and engineering centers are located in Tver, Trans-Volga Region, Chelyabinsk, and Bryansk. Sales and technical support including warranty and maintenance services as well as spare parts procurement are offered through dealership centers in Russia and CIS countries. All products have the official “Made in Russia” status.

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