RM-Terex released 400-th backhoe loader TLB series

30 June 2014

400th TLB backhoe-loader rolled off the assembly line at the RM-Terex plant in Tver. Production of backhoe loaders began in 2012 as part of cooperation between Russian Machines and TEREX.

Backhoe-loader TLB-825 is an upgraded version of the first localized model TLB-815The machine has been enhanced and ultimately adapted to Russian operating conditions offering efficiency to get many utility and construction jobs done with high level of quality. TLB-825 backhoe loader features a comfortable cab, extendable dipper and multi-purpose 7-in-1 bucket.
Over the past two years, the company has achieved a high level of localization and introduced a full cycle of TLB-825 backhoe loader assembly. The plant has also launched in-house manufacturing of main frames, fuel and hydraulic tanks, and loader booms. In the short run, the company aims to start production of main backhoe components - extendable dipper sticks and buckets.


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