RM-Terex now holds a 46% share of the motor grader market

06 February 2014

By the end of 2013, RM-Terex increased its share in the motor grader market to 46% further reinforcing its leadership position in Russia. The company sold 687 units improving 2012 results by 41%. Overall motor grader market capacity reached 1,487 units showing 6% growth.

RM-Terex sells GS and TG motor graders (Bryanskiy Arsenal plant) and DZ series products (ChSDM plant). Today, RM-Terex is the largest manufacturer of motor graders in Russia. In December 2013, the company opened a state-of-the-art production facility at Bryanskiy Arsenal site and launched the new generation of TG graders. RM-Terex allocated more than 500m Rubles to be spent over a three-year period to build a facility manufacturing 1,600 units per year.
In 2014, the company expects the Russian motor grader market capacity to reach 1,500 units, planning to sell 800 motor graders and considerably expand its export volumes. By 2018, the company will export at least 500 units annually.

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