RM-Terex Launches TG Grader Cabin Production

30 March 2015
Bryansk, March 30, 2015 – RM-Terex (part of Russian Machines Corporation managing the machine building assets of Basic Element Group of Companies) started serial production of TG grader cabins at Bryanskiy Arsenal manufacturing facility. The new cabs will be used for the entire line-up of TG graders.
RM-Terex announced the start of TG grader cab production at Bryanskiy Arsenal manufacturing facility. The decision to turn to in-house production was made after RM-Terex evaluated the quality and cost of imported cabs. The project was implemented in line with the company’s general plan to bring the share of imported components to a minimum. The first cab prototypes from Bryanskiy Arsenal successfully passed FOPS/ROPS testing which is confirmed by EC certificates.
Upon customer’s request, TG motor graders can offer such options as rear view camera, automated fire-fighting system, fuel heating with the engine running, fuel heating in the final filter, automatic lubrication system, and autonomous cab heater. These features make the grader operation more comfortable and ensure the machine can run at up to -50°C.
Viktor Sobolev, Managing Director of Bryanskiy Arsenal, CJSC:
- All customers have their own demands depending on the grader application and job site specifics. The plant’s technological potential allows us to tap internal reserves to respond to changing market dynamics and produce competitive products.

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