RM-Terex is introducing its first Terex TR100-RM quarry truck assembled in Russia

25 October 2012

On October 24, in Chelyabinsk, Chelyabinsk Road Construction Machines - ChSDM (a member-company of RM-Terex) introduced its first Terex TR100-RM quarry truck assembled in Russia to the leading dealers and key customers. Trucks will be assembled in the production facilities of the ChSDM plant; the investment earmarked for the project will amount about USD 12 million. The maximum output of the assembly line is 200 trucks; the full-scale manufacturing is scheduled to start at the end of the year.

The choice of the plant for manufacturing of quarry trucks is explained by its favorable geographical location and its proximity to major consumers of this type of vehicles, thus, improving customer satisfaction by reducing delivery times for finished products and providing an upgraded system of total technical support. 
Terex TR100-RM quarry trucks are intended for hauling in quarry applications. The truck design incorporates the latest world-class engineering solutions aimed at high performance in a challenging environment without discriminating safety and comfort of the cab and operator station. Trucks are equipped with powerful and reliable Cummins diesel engines. The electronically controlled automatic gearbox, hydraulic brakes (retarder) and the advanced transmission offer comfort of smooth gear shifting, high reliability and durability. The body of Terex quarry trucks is made of special high-strength steel with excellent wear resistance. The standard body of Terex quarry trucks comes exhaust heated, promising effortless dumping and cleaning from sticky and frozen excavated rocks. The operator station will provide the operator with excellent all-around visibility, comfortable climate-controlled operating environment, an air conditioner, a rear view camera and ROPS/FOPS systems to protect the cab against roll-over or falling objects.
The first Terex TR100-RM quarry truck passed successfully all the required tests and was awarded with the Russian certificate of conformity. 

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