RM-Terex introduced a new business line at NEVA 2013 Exhibition

25 September 2013
RM–Terex, a joint venture of the Russian Machines Holding Company and the global manufacturer Terex Corporation, has introduced a new business line - Terex Port Solutions – at the NEVA-2013 International Exhibition on Navigation, Shipbuilding, Ocean and Shelf Development. The new business line will provide the company with an access to the port equipment market, help to expand its product range substantially and widen its footprint in countries having large sea ports.
In June 2012, the Terex Corporation announced the launching of a new subdivision - Terex Port Solutions, which combined such brands as PPM, Fantuzzi and Noell as well as the products under the Gottwald trademark. In Russia, the operational management and business development of Terex Port Solutions was entrusted to RM-Terex in 2013.
The product line of the new subdivision ranges from ship to shore and mobile cranes to straddle carriers, pilers, wheel and rail-mounted gantry cranes, stackers and automatic cargo loaders. In addition, the subdivision offers a wide range of software and services, including control systems for handling operations, shipping, processing and storage of container and balk cargoes.
Due to the launching of the new line, RM-Terex has every chance of entering the Russian and global market for port equipment. Terex Port Solutions are represented by first-rate equipment manufacturers who boast world-level reputation in quality, innovations and service. The subdivision has 5 manufacturing factories in Germany, Italy, France and China, with the total number of employees exceeding 2.5 thousand people. The annual turnover is more than 1 billion dollars.
Alexander Filatov, General Director of RM-Terex: “The new business line will, first of all, give RM-Terex the possibility to enter the market segment we have never operated before, to expand our product portfolio, to offer consumers the integrated solution that will meet their expectations at maximum. The smoothly running system of Terex Port Solutions will help us to integrate efficiently our after-sale service, including repair and maintenance services, which will result in maximum synergy effect.”
RM-Terex Co-Managing Director, Joe Krider: “Our new Port Solutions business will strengthen RM-Terex’s position in the Russian special equipment market, leverage for Terex our deep understanding of the Russian market, ensure better support and responsiveness to customers, and enable the company to investigate localization opportunities for these products at our manufacturing facilities. We intend to make the best use of our combined engineering capabilities and sales infrastructure to offer the best solutions to our client base.” 

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