RM-Terex holds its first HR conference

10 April 2013

The RM-Terex company, along with the corporation Russian Machines, has conducted its first hands-on HR conference for the company's subsidiaries on the topic of: "Issues specific to personnel management in manufacturing businesses." The event was held at the Tver Excavator plant and was also attended by HR representatives from the factories: Bryansk Arsenal, the Zavolzhsky Crawler Vehicle Plant, and Chelyabinsk Construction and Road Machines.

The conference featured discussions about best practices and the up-to-the-minute expertise of RM-Terex's companies in regard to personnel management, for example: the introduction of a performance-management system, a new system for paying wages, a program to map out and develop manpower, the creation of a system to evaluate the abilities of employees in key positions, and working with the personnel pool and young specialists. One of the most prominent topics at the conference was a discussion of current trends in the labor market and the question of how to attract employees. Each business shared its experience putting projects into operation.
The event concluded with a tour of the Tver Excavator assembly plant, which is currently in the midst of a major program to restructure its production facilities.
The co-managing director of RM-Terex, Joe Krider, noted the importance and high priority of personnel-management work, due to the new requirements of business development. "We need to train employees so they are able to adapt to any strategic changes within the company while working effectively in new situations. Right now the company needs highly skilled professionals - people of an entirely new mold and mindset," he said. Among the primary objectives for the coming year Joe Krider highlighted the development of middle managers and young professionals, the consolidation and duplication of best practices in HR work, and improving the effectiveness of HR services by automating and centralizing functions.
Svetlana Davydova, the HR director at Russian Machines (a founding partner of RM-Terex), spoke about key career-oriented projects and initiatives for 2013-2014. These include conducting an employee survey on job satisfaction, creating a single corporate culture within the corporation's subsidiaries, introducing incentive and staff loyalty programs, retaining key employees, forming a personnel pool, and standardizing workspaces.

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