RM-Terex has started manufacturing the upgraded backhoe loader - TEREX TLB825

27 March 2013
The RM-Terex Company has introduced the upgraded Terex TLB 825 backhoe loader assembled in Russia. The design solutions incorporated in the new model took into account recommendations of customers and the operating experience accumulated in the backhoe manufacturing over the last year.
As compared to the previous TLB 815 model, the Terex TLB 825 backhoe loader offers a newly designed comfortable cabin, which is operator friendly at maximum. The inside of the cabin is well insulated, giving it a low noise level of less than 76 dB (A). The panoramic windows provide excellent all-around visibility, including an unimpeded view of the work area during trenching operations, and serve two purposes in the raised position: ventilation and protection against rain. The adjustable sprung seat with a high back, armrests and a safety belt offers maximum comfort and safety to the operator. The steering column can be easily adjusted to meet the needs of any height person.
The backhoe loader has excellent performance characteristics and can be used at any construction site. It operates confidently in heavy-textured soils and can perform properly such challenging operations as site leveling, soil excavation and loading, pit excavation, trenching, etc. The backhoe loader is equipped with a hydraulic system (a hydraulic circuit) that facilitates replacement of operating equipment.
In addition, the Terex TLB 825 can be equipped with a 7-in-1front bucket that provides multiple operations, including excavating, loading, cleaning, scraping, leveling, gripping and high-volume operations. The bucket can be lifted as high as 3.5 meters, being optimum for loading dump bodies of high-sided trucks.
The Terex TLB 825 backhoe loader is a multipurpose high-performance machine that can be used efficiently in a wide range of operations due to its advanced extendable dipper, multifunctional loading bucket and other operating equipment.

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