RM-Terex has opened a new manufacturing complex at the Bryanskiy Arsenal plant

05 December 2013
A new manufacturing complex at the Bryanskiy Arsenal plant opened on Dec. 5, 2013, launching the mass production of a new generation of RM-Terex's motor graders. Investments in this manufacturing facility, capable of producing 1,600 units per year, have been estimated at over 500 million rubles over the course of three years. The production site will measure 12,000 sq. meters.
Over 500 people attended the official ceremony, including the governor of the Bryansk region - Nikolai Denin, representatives of Russian federal agencies, representatives of the administration of the city of Bryansk, and RM-Terex's dealers, business partners, and biggest customers.
In terms of the level of its technological equipment and automation of production, the new production site is a match for any of the leading machine-building companies worldwide. The manufacturing complex, which was established with the support of leading engineering firms and equipment suppliers, will ensure that the technological planning of the production meets world standards, and the introduction of a quality-control system will substantially improve the caliber of the products.
The business has now significantly transformed the way it organizes its production, by introducing the primary elements of lean production, modernizing its assembly stations, installing up-to-date equipment, and optimizing its manufacturing processes. European consultants helped plan the production and the logistical flows. The newest grit-blasting and painting/drying complex has been introduced, at which all the equipment will be assembled from the painted parts and components, thereby greatly improving the quality of the machinery's lacquer coatings. The use of innovative technologies for lighting and heating the plant unit offers an important advantage and is expected to ensure savings on energy costs. Modernizing the manufacturing facilities and introducing innovative technologies will make it possible to improve both the quality of the goods produced, as well as the efficiency of the entire manufacturing facility as a whole.
Bryanskiy Arsenal is currently the only manufacturer in Russia that produces a full line of motor graders. Depending on their intended use, different designs of motor graders are available - from light models to heavy, AWD versions. The products are intended for both the domestic and export markets. The industrial complex has been certified in accordance with CE standards.
During the grand opening of the new manufacturing facility, the commemorative, 140,000th motor grader rolled off the conveyor belt. This is a new-generation model: the TG-series motor grader, developed at the Bryanskiy Arsenal plant in cooperation with technical experts from the TEREX Corporation. This motor grader was created to match the quality of the best equipment of this type from anywhere in the world. The operator's ergonomically designed work station offers ample visibility and comfort, and includes a control system with a convertible steering column, an information display, a climate-control system, and a comfortable chair. The motor graders have a specially developed new design for the cowling system, and use a modern layout to improve the system of access to the components and assemblies.
RM-Terex's general director, Alexander Filatov: "Bryanskiy Arsenal is unique in that its development has not slowed for even a single day of its 230-year history. It is symbolic that we are celebrating this anniversary at a new plant. The opening of a new manufacturing complex marks a turning point in the development of the business. Thanks to this new production facility, we are prepared to produce equipment that will best meet the needs of the domestic and global markets. The factory's future lies in TG-series motor graders. I also want to offer my sincere congratulations to the plant's employees on this 230th anniversary."
The executive director of RM-Terex, Joe Krider: "Terex is very proud of the work that RM-Terex has done to update its production of motor graders, which will ensure the continued development of the company. Bryanskшн Arsenal is the only site in the world that produces motor graders under the Terex brand, and this machinery is an integral part of what our dealers offer all over the globe."

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