RM-Terex has introduced the new TEREX TLB890 backhoe loader

15 March 2013

On March 14, as part of Terex Day in Russia, the leading dealers were introduced to an extraordinarily versatile and effective piece of equipment - the new, ninth generation TEREX TLB890 backhoe loader. Richard Ghent, who is now ranked among the TOP 3 by backhoe operators worldwide, took part in the demonstration. The event was attended by over 70 representatives from dealership firms that sell RM-Terex's equipment.

The new TEREX TLB890 model offers more power, versatility, and comfort for the operator. A new high-pressure hydraulic system has been installed, with a powerful piston pump that ensures high breakout force on the boom, stick, and bucket. The curved shape of the boom makes it possible for trucks to approach the machinery more closely, thus shortening the loading cycle. By combining a 100 bhp Perkins 1100 series engine with a transmission and two-section hydraulic pump, the backhoe loader is able to operate more quickly and smoothly.
The TLB890 is equipped with an additional 7-in-1 front bucket, which provides powerful breakout force and exceptional climbing capacity, as high as 3.5 meters, making it possible to load high-sided trucks. The front bucket can hold as much as 1.2 cubic meters. Thanks to its powerful pushing force and highly precise turning radius, the TLB890 makes it easy to load, haul, and maneuver. The single-cylinder bucket uses fewer components, thus reducing both the number of maintenance procedures as well as the operating costs.
The dynamic new cab provides greater comfort and functionality. Details such the rear window that can be adjusted in any direction or rolled down completely, as well as the powerful air-conditioning system with an optional climate-control system, ensure optimal working conditions for the operator.
An updated TLB840 model, with a number of key improvements, was also shown: its components and assemblies were modified to take into account the valuable experience that has been gained since it was put into operation in 2011.
Alexander Filatov, RM-Terex CEO: «Today we have presented an innovative product for the Russian market of construction and roadbuilding machinery. The new equipment has already been widely tested at a large number of work sites. That is why we are absolutely sure that enhanced efficiency of TLB890 backhoe loaders will be valued by our customers».
Joseph Krider, co-managing director of RM-Terex: «TLB890 is a new benchmark for all backhoe loaders that are manufactured today. This model came into being due to 50-years' experience in the design and innovative development of backhoe loaders. We believe that the machine will fit into its niche and will reinforce the company's positions on the Russian construction and road machinery market».
At the conclusion of the presentation, everyone who wished was offered the opportunity to try out the machinery that had been demonstrated.

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