RM-Terex has introduced its equipment at Siberia's biggest road-construction exhibition

30 April 2013

The presentation of RM-Terex's new equipment turned into one of the key events of the annual Transport and Roads in Siberia. Special Equipment. Sibavtoservis exhibit, which was held in Irkutsk from April 23-26. The biggest new products for 2013 were on display at an outdoor site: the Terex TG 200 motor grader, the Terex TLB 815 backhoe loader, and the Terex TLB 840 backhoe loader.  

The Irkutsk region is Siberia's biggest transportation hub and it has the potential of expanding into a transit corridor to Europe. Thus, the main objective of the Transport and Roads in Siberia: Special Equipment. Sibavtoservis exhibit was to promote the development of transportation infrastructure and logistics, as well as the introduction of modern technology, machinery, equipment, innovative solutions, and new products for the automotive industry to the regional market, while offering high-quality services for road transportation. This year the exhibition attracted over 85 companies from Irkutsk and the Irkutsk region, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Ekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, the Kemerovo region, Khabarovsk, Moscow and the Moscow region, St. Petersburg, the Republic of Tatarstan, and China.
RM-Terex, along with Uralskaya Marka, its official dealer in Eastern Siberia, held an outdoor presentation of new models of road-building equipment, introducing for the first time the Terex TG 200 motor grader made by Bryanskiy Arsenal, as well as the Terex TLB 815 backhoe loader, which is assembled in Russia, and the Terex TLB 840 backhoe loader. The exposition's many guests could easily take stock of the technical parameters of the new machinery and evaluate their mechanisms and ease of use. The equipment on display was designed to do various types of work in the construction and utilities industries.
The exhibition's business program also included a conference for research and practical applications - The Roads of Siberia: The Prospects for Development, Quality, and Innovation - which was organized by the Union of Road Builders of the Irkutsk region, in conjunction with the Irkutsk region, the city of Irkutsk, and representatives from the constituent entities of the Siberian Federal District. The conference included a discussion of the development of road infrastructure in Russia and the Irkutsk region, road design and construction, work opportunities within the framework of Russia's 2030 Transportation Strategy, plus the factors that affect road design, construction, and repair, as well as modern road-construction equipment, arranging for road and roadside services, and other relevant issues.
The exhibition concluded with a formal awards ceremony. The Uralskaya Marka company was presented with a certificate and Silver Star for actively promoting the latest competitive road-building machinery and equipment on the regional market.

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