RM-Terex has hosted a professional-skills competition

20 October 2014

A competition testing the professional skills of painters and electric welders was held at RM-Terex's Tverskoy Excavator plant.

The contest included both theoretical and practical components. Judging focused on the precision of the candidates' work when either manufacturing or painting equipment parts. Compliance with safety regulations was also carefully evaluated.

The welders produced three welding samples: a T-joint, a butt joint, and a pipe-plate joint. The quality of the work was assessed using the DIN EN ISO 5817 international standard. The painters were assigned to apply enamel to equipment, while abiding by the strict requirements of the corporate standards applicable to working with paints and varnishes.

The welders demonstrated good results: there was only a difference of a few points between the contestants' scores on the theoretical vs. the practical assignments.  Igor Lebedev won the electric welders' competition. Very soon he will take part in a city-wide competition of professional skills.  Klim Gordeev was the winning painter.  Contestants who placed well in the competition received the prizes they had earned.

Competitions like this allow us to not only identify those who are true professionals in their field, but also help raise the prestige of blue-collar vocations.



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