RM-Terex Еnters the African market

18 January 2019
January 21, 2019, Moscow. – RM-Terex, one of the leading Russian manufacturers of construction and road equipment, has completed the first delivery of machines to the South African Republic.

The first six-unit batch of TLB 825 backhoe loaders produced by RM-Terex was delivered to the MMS Mobile Cranes dealership center in Johannesburg (SAR).

All machines were customized considering the diversity of climatic zones in the region – from dry desert to subtropics. Additional engine protection was developed and installed in order to increase wear resistance in high temperature and humidity conditions. High pressure hoses and hydraulic cylinder rods were also made in a unique "tropical" design.

In the run-up to the deal, the purchaser delegation made a reference visit to the RM-Terex plant in Tver. Tverskoy Excavator is one of the leading excavating equipment plant in Russia, which actively develops its export potential. The representatives of the new purchaser and dealer highly appraised the production facilities and the quality of manufactured products.

In the cooperation framework, a service team of the RM-Terex specialists will arrive to the SAR in order to put the equipment into operation and instruct the purchaser's engineers in peculiarities of control and maintenance of the equipment.

 Alexey Punko, RM-Terex Export Sales Director:

"There is a high competition and diversity of offers on the SAR construction equipment market. As for our company, the accomplished delivery is another evidence of the export potential of Russian engineering products and high standards of comprehensive support of our clients, no matter where they are located."

 About RM-Terex

RM-Terex brings together large Russian machine-building plants: Tverskoy Excavator, Bryanskiy Arsenal, Chelyabinsk Road Construction Machines, Zavolzhsky Crawler Vehicle Plant. Main products: backhoe loaders, wheel and crawler excavators, motor graders, amphibious all-terrain tracked vehicles, front loaders, forklift loaders and material handlers.

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