RM-Terex employees took part in the Generation Relay Race youth forum

23 July 2013
Between July 18 and 19, the City of Krasnoyarsk hosted the first Generation Relay Race youth forum organized by Basic Element. The forum aimed to find talented young leaders and help them to fulfill their potential as part of the Basic Element team.
The forum gathered more than 250 young professionals from a number of industries – metallurgy, energy, machine building, finance, agricultural manufacturing – and featured plenary sessions and panel discussions. The forum addressed issues related to the development of youth organizations, making manufacturing jobs attractive to young people, and improving the image of engineering profession.
The highlight of the forum was a panel discussion - Production System: New Approach to Solving the Problems - with Oleg Deripaska, the Chairman of the Basic Element Supervisory Board. The participants asked questions, discussed real-life problems and ways to tackle them. “You are the new generation and you should fully understand that nobody will change the current situation in the industry, in your city or neighborhood except you. Everything depends on you.” concluded Oleg Deripaska in the end of his speech.
Irina Pustograeva, the Head of Regional Social Policy of Basic Element: “Our number one goal is to let our young employees feel part of one big team and that there are certain Group rules applying to each and every one of us. Today, the top priority is to implement the Production System based on principles of continuous improvement and loss reduction. The main message to our young employees is that this Production System cannot be implemented without changes in their mindsets, life and work principles.”

Basic Element has launched New Generation Team 2013 contest open to any young employee working at the Group manufacturing facilities. The plants are betting on the professional development and training of young employees and put a high premium on social projects and programs promoting healthy lifestyle and innovative technical thinking. Professional development of young employees and boosting their initiative enhances their role in the effective management and brings positive changes across the regions. 

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