RM-Terex Completed Integration with Terex Corporation

14 November 2013
RM-Terex, a joint venture between the Russian corporation Russian Machines and multinational Terex Corporation, completed integration with the global Terex brand.
In line with the agreement signed in May 2011 in the presence of the Russian Prime Minister, the joint venture manufactures, promotes and sells Terex and RM construction and road-building equipment and distributes the products in the Russian and international markets.
As part of the partnership strategy, RM-Terex has launched the new state-of-the-art Terex backhoe loader and rigid dump truck assembly facilities in Tver and Chelyabinsk. Bryanskiy Arsenal has successfully introduced the new generation of Terex TG motor graders designed and built to the highest world standards. ZZGT plant has launched an export version of ZZ-3 all-terrain tracked vehicle.
As a result, the equipment manufactured by RM-Terex in Russia – Terex TG motor graders and ZZ-3 all-terrain tracked vehicles – has been successfully integrated into the Terex Corporation product portfolio. For more information please visit:

After a successful and productive period of integration, the company continues to work towards raising product quality and further localization of Terex products. 

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