RM-Terex is expanding its cooperation with the Philippines

25 June 2018

— June 25, 2018, Moscow. Fulfilling its long-term cooperation commitments, RM-Terex provided comprehensive training to service technicians at the dealership center in the Philippines and at RM-Terex’s manufacturing facilities in Russia.

Under the large-scale project for supplying Russian specialized equipment to the Philippines, RM-Terex organized comprehensive training of the customer’s technicians. The company’s leading service engineers provided hands-on training and put the supplied machines into operation at the facilities of the dealership center in Cebu and Manila. In addition, one-month training sessions were held for Filipino employees at RM-Terex’s machine-building plants: Tverskoy Excavator, Chelyabinsk Road Construction Machines, Bryanskiy Arsenal, and Zavolzhsky Crawler Vehicle Plant. 

The theory and practice were taught by the leading engineers of the plants. Special emphasis was placed on studying of the design and arrangement of the main systems — the engine, transmission, undercarriage, and controls as well as on condition monitoring, scheduled maintenance and related cost estimation. 

The practical course taught how to put machines into operation. At the testing sites located on the plants’ property, the visitors could assess the controllability and the wide range of capabilities of the machines. The service technicians of the customer were awarded certificates.

In 2019, under the project agreement, the Philippines customer received road construction and specialized machines: YG motor graders, TLB825 backhoe loaders, TX220 crawler excavators and GAZ 3409 BOBR amphibious all-terrain vehicles. All the supplied machines were custom-built to fit into subtropical operating conditions. 

Additional engine protection was designed to increase the wear resistance at high temperatures and humidity. High-pressure hoses and hydraulic cylinder pins were custom-made for “tropical” configuration. Special modifications were made in the design of motor graders to protect them from humidity. The amphibious all-terrain vehicles were equipped with LED spotlights and front lighting for better visibility in impassable tropical forests and mountainous areas. 

Sergey Morozov, Service Director of RM-Terex:
“All-round customer support is a foundation of long-lasting fruitful cooperation. Comprehensive training of technical personnel is essential for operational readiness of machines and their long fault-free performance. Our company puts this approach into practice. Today, it is a standard requirement for the world’s largest manufacturers and we conform to it.”

RM-Terex comprises large Russian machine-building plants: Tverskoy Excavator, Bryanskiy Arsenal, Chelyabinsk Road Construction Machines, and Zavolzhsky Crawler Vehicle Plant. The main products are: backhoe loaders, wheel and crawler excavators, motor graders, and amphibious all-terrain vehicles. The product line also includes front loaders, forklifts and industrial handlers. 

The production complexes and engineering centers are located in Tver, Trans-Volga Region, Chelyabinsk, and Bryansk. Sales and technical support including warranty and maintenance services as well as spare parts procurement are offered through 78 dealership centers in Russia and CIS countries. All products have the official “Made in Russia” status.

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