RM-Terex, GAZ Group and AGCO-RM introduced the latest models of commercial machines to customers in the Bryansk Region

28 February 2018

— February 28, 2018, Bryansk — RM-Terex, GAZ Group and AGCO-RM took part in the joint presentation of the latest road construction machines, automotive and agricultural vehicles at the Bryanskiy Arsenal Plant.

During the exhibition, the Bryanskiy Arsenal Plant (part of RM-Terex) was visited by Alexander Bogomaz, Bryansk Region Governor, and around 200 representatives of industrial and operating companies of the region. The exhibition showcased 22 vehicles built at Russian plants. 

The center stage was taken by TG motor graders manufactured by Bryanskiy Arsenal. The visitors were offered a demo-show to assess the machines. The motor graders are notable for their versatility; they can be used for road construction as well as in the public works and utilities sector. Their design makes them ideal for operations in confined areas. 

Among its novelties, RM-Terex introduced the TX 300 crawler excavator manufactured at the TVEX plant. The model represents the class of heavy excavators — one of the most in-demand machinery classes on the Russian market. TX 300 excavators can be used efficiently at the most challenging industrial sites for excavation of rocky and frozen soils of Categories I — IV. Their power is 190 kW; the maximum breakout force is 200 kN — the best-in-class rating. Excavators come with powerful state-of-the-art YaMZ-530 engines with a starting preheater for continuous smooth operation at low temperatures.

RM-Terex also demonstrated the TL 150 front loader — the latest product of the Chelyabinsk Road Construction Machines Plant in the segment of wheel loaders with lifting capacity of 5 tons. The model is characterized by high maneuverability and the best-in-class dumping height rating. Thanks to compact design and dimensions, the loader can easily travel along public roads. 

In Bryansk, GAZ Group, the leading manufacturer of commercial vehicles in Russia, presented its comprehensive new generation transport solutions for cargo and passenger transportation, social services, and the municipal sector — light commercial vehicles, medium-duty trucks and buses. The automaker showcased GAZelle NEXT light commercial vehicles in such modifications as the mobile shop, repair workshop, mobile health center; the GAZelle NEXT Cityline 20-seater frame bus, the GAZelle NEXT all-metal minivan, the Vector NEXT intercity bus and the Vector NEXT wheelchair accessible city bus. The visitors were attracted by the cost-effective and environmental friendly vehicles that run on compressed natural gas — GAZon NEXT medium-duty trucks in garbage truck and tow truck modifications as well as the KAVZ-4270 bus. 

AgroCentreLiski, an authorized dealer of AGCO-RM — a joint venture of Russian Machines and AGCO, an international manufacturer of agricultural machinery — showed Bryansk farmers the all-purpose Massey Ferguson 6713 tractor made in Russia and the high-horsepower Fendt 1000 Vario tractor. These machines conform to the highest world standards and can be used in a variety of applications in the agricultural sector as well as for timber harvesting, road and infrastructure maintenance in different sectors, for example, in the power industry.

The MF 6713 medium-power tractor has been manufactured at the AGCO-RM facilities in Golitsyno since the end of 2016. The model was the Russian market first representative of the Massey Ferguson Global Series incorporating years-long worldwide farming experience. The tractor can be used for soil preparation, forage conservation, planting, and for transportation of different cargoes. 

The Fendt 1000 Vario is the world’s only tractor having classical configuration (not articulated) and the horsepower over 500. This versatile and high-performance machine was designed for the most difficult high-traction operations previously performed only by tracked vehicles. Thanks to high traction, maneuverability, control accuracy, all-round visibility, smooth movement over any surface, a variety of tires and trailers, the tractor is a reliable helper in field operations and in fulfilling other tasks. 

The exhibition at Bryanskiy Arsenal also showcased machines of the Bryansk Tractor Plant. Three machines were presented under the BTZ brand: The BTZ-243K agricultural wheel tractor, the BTZ-181 agricultural crawler tractor and the BTZ-150K industrial tractor. 

The BTZ-150K has a 180-horsepower YaMZ-236 engine. The model is distinct in high performance, cost-effectiveness and easy maintenance. The tractor is perfect for power-intensive agricultural works. When coupled with mulcher equipment, the tractor is an efficient tool for farmers as well as for road and municipal services in land clearing jobs. 

The BTZ-243K is an upgraded version of the BTZ-150K tractor. The model design incorporated the latest technologies making it possible to modify the transmission, the hydraulic system, and the linkage system for impeccable operating compatibility of the tractor with high-speed agricultural tools. The new ergonomic design combined with the new facing contributed to increased visibility and made the main components easily accessible. The BTZ-243K has a 184-horsepower YaMZ-536 engine.

The BTZ-181 agricultural crawler tractor is distinct in its modified control systems, transmission and undercarriage as well as in its ergonomic design and increased operator comfort. The model is intended for agricultural applications, including soil preparation and planting. The tractor is efficiently integrated into advanced agricultural technologies requiring high traction force. The low cost of ownership is an undeniable advantage of the BTZ-181 crawler tractor. 

Alexander Bogomaz, Bryansk Region Governor:
— My working career started at the Bryanskiy Arsenal plant where I worked first as an operator trainee and then as a lather operator. I am happy to see that the plant that has always been one of the flagships of the Bryansk industry keeps on growing. The prospects outlined by the plant directors are very promising and mean that more than 500 plant employees will have respectable wages, the Bryansk Region will receive tax revenue, and our country will have the equipment needed by the national economy and will remain industrially secured.

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