Tverskoy Excavator held the Open House Day

28 May 2018

— May 28, 2018, Tver — RM-Terex showcased the entire lineup of its machines at the Tver plant site. Children of employees of Tverskoy Excavator were its first visitors.

More than 150 children of the plant employees visited the exhibition of the full RM-Terex machine lineup at the Tverskoy Excavator plant. 

The exhibition showcased wheel and crawler excavators, backhoe and forklift loaders. After the plant tour, the children visited the recently opened permanent exhibition of RM-Terex equipment representing nearly the entire machine lineup, including machines built by other plants of the company: Motor graders of Bryanskiy Arsenal, the latest generation of front loaders manufactured at the Chelyabinsk Road Construction Machines Plant, and amphibious all-terrain vehicles of the Zavolzhsky Crawler Vehicle Plant. 

The children’s event also included the Space Excavator Drawing Competition. The competition brought together dozens of kids whose drawings became part of the permanent exhibition in the administrative building of the plant. 

The exhibition was organized as a one-stop showroom to demonstrate customers and dealers all the models of the machines built by the company. The prospective buyers of RM-Terex machines are able to see the assembly quality of machines and appreciate the high level of operator comfort. They also can test drive a machine to assess the power, functional versatility and controllability of the present-day Russian road construction machines. 

Andrey Kudryashov, Managing Director of Tverskoy Excavator, CJSC:
“Children should know where their parents work — it promotes respect for their work, instills responsibility awareness and broadens their mind. The event helped the children get an idea about different professions they may want to choose in future. We welcome such work-life blending events, as they help us take a new look at who we are doing all this for.”

About RM-Terex 

RM-Terex comprises large Russian machine-building plants: Tverskoy Excavator, Bryanskiy Arsenal, Chelyabinsk Road Construction Machines, and Zavolzhsky Crawler Vehicle Plant. The main products are: backhoe loaders, wheel and crawler excavators, motor graders, and amphibious all-terrain vehicles. 

The product line also includes front loaders, forklifts and industrial handlers. The production complexes and engineering centers are located in Tver, Trans-Volga Region, Chelyabinsk, and Bryansk. Sales and technical support including warranty and maintenance services as well as spare parts procurement are offered through 78 dealership centers in Russia and CIS countries. All products have the official “Made in Russia” status.

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