Innovative designs from RM-Terex for the Russian Ministry of Defense

21 August 2013

On August 20th, RM-Terex took part in the exhibition, "A Day of Innovations for the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation," presenting its latest developments in specialized equipment: the TLB 825 backhoe loader, the TVEX W140 wheeled excavator, and the Genie GTH 4017 telehandler.

The show, which was held in Moscow for the first time, included an exposition of the latest achievements and innovative technology developed for national defense and security by a number of different research groups and manufacturers, as well as some promising "dual-purpose" innovations and technology. In total, over 250 companies, institutions, associations, and firms attended the event.
RM-Terex helped familiarize the visitors to the exhibit with the possibilities offered by the latest technology. The Terex TLB 825 is a backhoe loader that is assembled in Russia. One highlight of the Terex TLB 825 is the comfortable new cabin design that has everything the operator needs to simplify his work. Panoramic windows provide excellent 360-degree visibility. The angle of the steering column can also be adjusted to ensure comfortable seating for drivers of any height.
The new TVEX 140W wheeled excavator is one of the first examples of the full-scale remodeling of the entire line of excavators. The equipment features a completely updated design, a spacious new modern cab for the operator, more durable implements, and is now available on rubber tires with a ZF transmission.
The Genie GTH 4017 off-road telehandler is a favorite on any jobsite, from the construction of new buildings to warehouse loading operations. The machinery offers improved handling, precise positioning, and a wide choice of attachments.
RM-Terex is a long-time supplier of technology to the Russian Ministry of Defense. The company's subsidiaries have furnished over 500 pieces of machinery in the past ten years. 

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