EK & ET Excavators Change their Colors

06 March 2014

TVEX plant (part of RM-TEREX) is at the final stages of painting shop upgrade process. From early 2014, all products have been released painted white and grey according Terex brand.

In 2013, TVEX (Tverskoy Excavator) commissioned a new state-of-the-art painting and drying complex which allowed the company to improve coating quality and extend operating life of its products. The complex uses modern solutions for surface treatment, priming and coating while automation systems enable to select appropriate operating mode, timing and temperature for painting and drying. The new two-component coatings are glossy, impact resistant and offer two times better anti-corrosion properties.
Vladimir Chekalin, Managing Director of Tverskoy Excavator: “We use the new palette matching TEREX corporate colors for a reason. It’s significant that the use of two-component coatings became possible only after opening a new painting line and upgrading the processes. Before that, only localized TEREX backhoe-loaders (new TVEX series) have been painted white and grey.”

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