Design of RMT Motor Grader by Student Industrial Designers

20 June 2017

 RMT has invited the students of the Department of Design & Means of Transport of the Stroganov Art & Industry Academy to participate in designing of the interior & exterior of the future grader. The future industrial design experts visited the Bryansky Arsenal (BA) premises where more than half of the Russian motor graders including the new-generation is manufactured. Depending on the purpose of utilization the plant offers various configurations – from light-class to AWD heavy-class vehicles. The products sell both domestically and internationally.

During their BA tour the Stroganovka students saw the full cycle of operations including the assembly conveyor and the advanced shotblasting and paint & drying complex which makes it possible to assemble the equipment out of already painted parts. The production area covers 12,000 m2. In terms of technological infrastructure and production automation the plant is second to none and is on a par with the international majors of the machine-building industry.

Aft the plant tour the students will be challenged with presenting their unique design projects including exterior and interior solutions. The competition results will be announced in July 2017, and the winner will get a cash bonus and an opportunity of having a secondment at the RMT Engineering Center

Christian Kremer, CEO, RM-Terex:

- Many international OEMs invite talented young people, students of Industrial Design Departments to creating sketches of their equipment. The manufacturers are out there for fresh ideas, creative concepts and a new look. To build equipment of the future one needs to understand how it’s perceived by the young generation. I think that interaction of our company with the leading Russian institute of industrial design will be interesting and useful to all stakeholders.

Aleksei Yakimenko, Associate Professor of the Department of Automotive Design, the Stroganov Art & Industry Academy
- Any practical job assumes getting to know the subject. A designer is not just an artist, it’s a specialist who designs real stuff. It’s one thing to study sketches of some road-building equipment, but an entirely different thing to get into the cab, sense the controls and see all steps of operations, grasp what you are dealing with. It’s very important and valuable that we got that opportunity at BA. That plant gives its visitors a perfect understanding of how actually the advanced road-building equipment is built.


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