All RM-Terex DZ-98 Motor Graders to Feature In-House Transmission

26 November 2014
From December 2014, DZ-98 motor graders manufactured at one of RM-Terex facilities (part of Russian Machines Corp. managing the machine building assets of Basic Element Group of Companies) will feature in-house gear boxes and axles.
The manufacturing process is based at Chelyabinsk Road Construction Machines facility (ChSDM) and covers the complete production cycle – from cast iron mold production to assembly. The plant has substantially increased oversight of technological processes and implements test disassembly of axles ensuring all parts are 100% checked and measured. DZ-98 motor graders will also feature upgraded components with all-new breathers and magnetic plugs.
The move from the third-party axles and gear boxes will considerably shorten the production cycle and extend the service life of components. Moreover, this will enable the motor grader refurbishments by qualified personnel at the fully-equipped manufacturing facility after which the graders are expected to get a one-year warranty.  

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