Wheel Excavators

Omni-purpose multifunctional high-mobility wheel excavators. These excavators are perfect for intracity operations — utility services, construction, and road improvement. Wheel excavators are equipped with a rich set of replaceable tools, which significantly amplifies their capabilities.

WX Series

First-rate excavators created based on best global practices. These vehicles answer consumer needs and meet all technical requirements. Distinctive features of WX-Series excavators are high all-terrain mobility, excellent digging capabilities, and operator’s comfort.

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TVEX Series

Pneumatic-wheel excavators made by Tverskoy Excavator, one of Russia’s major manufacturers. Being cost efficient, machines comprise all essential features — state-of-the-art design and fine reliability, ensured by innovative technology and high-quality components.

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EK Series

All-purpose excavators appropriate for a wide range of tasks, which remain efficient under any conditions. Since their cost is very consumer-friendly, EK-Series excavators can be more than optimal for customers that do not pursue ultra-high performance.

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