Amphibious All-terrain Vehicles

Amphibious all-terrain vehicles are designed for off-road and across-country transportation of passengers and cargos, mostly in High North, Siberia, and Far East. These off-highway vehicles can operate under temperatures from -50°С to +50°С and move across water obstacles. All machines are extra light by mass, having low specific ground pressure (0.163 – 0.25 kg/cm 2 ). Various versions and optional equipment are available.


Basic vehicle with high off-road performance is best for severe climatic conditions and in cross- country areas, as well as for moving across water.

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Moderrnized AATV based on GAZ-34039 undercarriage. Increased load capacity and enhanced convenience. Best for operation under extreme off-road conditions and on low-strength soils — including virgin snow, sands, and bogs of all categories.

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Highly-maneuverable compact AATV with perfect off-road and in-road capabilities. Designed for operation under severe road and climatic conditions.

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Two-unit AATV GAZ-3344 and its modifications are designed for transportation of passengers, cargo, and various equipment to remote localities. Active drive for both units enables adaptation to various use scenarios: passenger transportation, mobile hospital, drilling units, hoisting platforms, etc.

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