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GAZ - 3409 "Bobr"

Amphibious all-terrain vehicle GAZ-3409 "Bobr" is designed for transportation of personnel, cargo and various technological equipment in extremely severe climatic conditions away from public-access roads on rough terrain, mainly in the Far North, Siberia and Far East.

AATV equipped with diesel engine with power of 80 kW, mechanical gearbox. AATV is designed for operation and outdoor storage at ambient temperatures from -50С to + 40С and in mountainous regions with elevation of up to 4650 m above sea level. The vehicle is capable of moving through water obstacles, motion afloat is performed by means of crawler drive.

Available variants of amphibious all-terrain vehicle:
- passenger version with all-metal body,
- cargo version with tilt-covered platform.

AATV is equipped with metal-rubber mounting tracks for traveling on asphalt.

Unladen mass 3 600 kg
Carrying capacity 600 kg
No. of seats
Net power / nominal engine speed 96 kW / 3 800 rpm
Max.torque / nominal engine speed 260 Nm / 1 800 rpm
Length 4 625 mm
Width 2 380 mm
Height 2 770 mm
Base 2 500 mm
Track spacing 1 520 mm
Ground clearance 430 mm
Average ground pressure 0,163 kg/sm2
Fuel margin 185 l
Max.road speed 63 km/h
Max.speed on the float 5 km/h

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