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Amphibious all-terrain vehicles

GAZ-3409 «Bobr» & GAZ-34039 «Irbis» Premium

GAZ-3409 Bobr & GAZ-34039 Irbis Premium are tailor-made offering the customer safety and comfort. A wide range of options and attachments considerably expands their area of application. Ergonomic driver compartment with engaging interior design can be made of the most advanced materials. Climate control system and additional noise insulation create comfortable environment inside the vehicle. Cold storage for food is available. The customers may choose any multimedia system with a touch-screen display. Rear view camera and LED running lights are indispensable when driving at night.


Amphibious all-terrain vehicles are used instead of wheel ATVs offering higher passability and reliability. They are designed for transportation of people and small (up to several tons) cargoes to hard-to-reach areas.
RM-Terex AATVs are widely used in geological surveys, oil and gas industry, and tourism.
You can buy single section tracked vehicles (GAZ-3409 and GAZ-34039) or double-section models (GAZ-3344 and GAZ-3351) allowing mounting of additional equipment at the second module platform.
•     Specially designed for operation in a wide range of temperatures (from minus 30 up to plus 40 degrees Celsius) and altitudes (up to 4.7 km above sea level)
•     Capable to travel both on public roads and in off-road conditions as well as to cross water barriers
•     Distinguished by smooth ride and ensuring reliable protection of passengers and cargoes against any impacts
•     Highly autonomous (once fueled, Irbis AATV is able cover over 600 km).
You can buy any amphibious all-terrain vehicle represented at the web-site at a favorable price from RM-Terex official dealers. 

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