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Compact Wheel Loader TL65

The entry model in the compact class: Achieves an enormous payload of approx. 1.5 tons at an operating weight of only 3.9 tons. The vehicle width is a narrow 1.70 meters. The advantage of articulated frame steering makes the Terex® TL65 ideal for narrow job sites, such as in gardening and landscape construction. Additional equipment features are a comfort cab with excellent view and two doors, parallel kinematics, Terex fingertip control, oscillating rear axle and automatic self-locking differential.


Compact Wheel Loader TL80

This successful universal workhorse can be equipped with an enormous selection of attachments. The Terex fingertip control allows for finely sensitive work to be performed with the hydraulically driven tools. Such as multi-purpose buckets, sweepers, etc. In addition, the Terex wheel loaders are characterized by articulated steering, oscillating rear axle, comfort cab with excellent view and two doors and the highly proven parallel kinematics. The entire machine is designed for driver comfort and efficient use.


Compact Wheel Loader TL100

Cost-effective and productive, from garden and landscape construction to structural and underground engineering to community use. The hydrostatic drive provides more power at lower fuel consumption. The loading technology, together with the Terex fingertip control, provides for powerful and precise performance in all operational movements. The unique cooling system minimizes consumption and servicing expenses. The comfort cab provides an excellent view and two doors for fast entry.


Wheel loader TL160

The Terex TL160 already offers technology that is seldom found in its weight class today: servo brake, LUDV hydraulic system (load-independent flow distribution), hydrostatic drive and an exclusive cooling system with reversing blower. The powerful Terex SP kinematics and the transversely installed engine provide it with great power for productive use in agriculture and earth moving.


Wheel loader TL210

Extreme thrust relative to bucket size makes the Terex® TL210 an ideal helper in agriculture and recycling. The best stability and great lifting power are provided by its transversely installed engine. The unique Terex® SP kinematics provide for powerful operation in all bucket positions. The TL210 is an extremely cost-effective wheel loader thanks to its hydrostatic drive, its exclusive cooling system with reversing blower and load-sensing hydraulics.


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