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Backhoe loader TLB 825

Backhoe loader TLB 825 is a multi-purpose high-performance machine, able to quickly, efficiently and effectively perform a wide range of operations in various fields of construction and municipal services.


Backhoe loader TLB 995

The new TLB995 is an assured perfomer with exceptional manoeuvrability and unrivalled productivity courtesy of the four wheel drive steering system.Featuring a curved boom for outstanding reach and dig depth plus the stunning break out force and lifting capacity of the front loader, the TLB995 is designed for professionals who demand the highest performance.


"RM-Terex" offers a wide range of versatile backhoe loaders. 
The company’s portfolio comprises both imported and localized models.
Backhoe loaders are equipped with jaw type multi-function bucket (7-in-1 bucket), quick-attach adapter for changing the attachments and excavator equipment with extendable dipper.
Special attention is given to the cab and operator workspace ergonomics - panoramic glazing ensures maximum visibility; control can be performed using levers traditional for local operators or a joystick (levers or joystick option to be agreed separately).

Even in standard configuration, the models enable owners to perform a wide range of works – from loading to digging and cleaning – allowing to avoid purchasing additional equipment. Buying an RM-Terex backhoe loader means solving a major part of issues inherent in creating a fleet of vehicles for construction works and estate maintenance.

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