Motor graders

Motor graders are construction machines used for ground operations during construction and reconstruction of roads and railways, airfields, hydrotechnical and melioration facilities.

Motor graders are among the key vehicles exploited in road and highway construction. These machines easily deal with complex works on repairs and summer maintenance of roads, as well as snow removal (on roads and in urban terrains) in winter.

TG Series

The industry-leading generation of Russian motor grader includes 4 models — from medium to quarry class. Structures of machines are based on the top-of-the-line technical solutions and units. TG-Series motor graders ensure fine performance even under high loads, while the operator is provided with everything for their convenience. The vehicle is equipped with a comfortable and functional cab with a transformable steering device — because of this, it is handy to steer either standup or while seated. The cab also has a broad view thanks to panoramic windows and all-window blowing.

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GS Series

GS Series consists of three models of the most demanded classes. These are affordable and omni-purpose solutions for a wide range of consumers, such as municipal services, road maintenance organizations, and building contractors.

GS-Series motor graders are used both for construction and all-season road service. Based on Russian components, vehicles of this series put time-proven technical solutions into action.

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DZ Series

Heavy 4x4 quarry-class machines are designed to maintain roads in mining, snow removal, and high-scale construction areas. Grades of this series also exploit Russian components and tried- and-true technical developments.

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